The Episkopi Environmental Information Centre, Episkopi Paphos Cyprus

Friends of the Episkopi Paphos Environmental Information Centre

The Association “Friends of the Centre for Environmental Education and Environmental Development of Episkopi Paphos” was established at the founding meeting of its members on 18/5/2012. It is registered and certified in accordance with the Law on Associations and Foundations, the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus with registration number 3930.

Aims of the Association in accordance with the Statute are:

1. The support of teachers, exhibition and cultural activities and publishing of the KPEEP

2. Action on the enhancement and improvement of all infrastructure of the KPEEP

3. Supporting the study, protection, management and enhancement of the natural environment of the area covering the KPEEP

4. Promoting and publicizing the work of KPEEP

5. Promoting environmental awareness and influence in social institutions and people in a wide range of activities related to the economy, culture and general social structure.

6. Promoting environmental development in the surrounding area of the district of Paphos, and projects with absolute respect for the natural environment and sustainable development.